About Us

About Us

Founded in 2012, Light Foundations has earned recognition for its commitment to making a positive difference in local communities. Through trusted partnerships and collaboration with Ealing Job Centres, employment agencies, and like-minded organisations, we share a common vision of creating opportunities and forging brighter futures. Our dedication to building these partnerships has garnered prestigious awards, acknowledging our efforts in positively impacting lives and creating lasting change.

Our vision is to be the springboard for each individual we aim to help

Empower clients to become Leaders

Our Vision

At our core, we envision ourselves as the springboard for individuals seeking guidance and support. We strive to be the stepping stones that bridge the gap between uncertainty and opportunity, catering to diverse communities with a strong focus on the younger generation and individuals facing mental health challenges. Our mission is to provide high-quality training, mentorship, guidance, and unwavering support.

Through our passionate commitment, we aim to positively impact our clients’ lives, ensuring their holistic fulfilment. Our goal is to unlock their potential, helping them surpass their own expectations by acquiring essential skills, valuable experiences, and accredited qualifications. This, in turn, improves their access to the labour market, encourages entrepreneurship, or facilitates further education.

We firmly believe in empowering our clients to become leaders in their own right. By building their confidence, nurturing their self-belief, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, we enable them to recognize their capabilities and actively work towards a brighter future.

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Our Values

People First

At the core of everything we do, we prioritise the needs and well-being of every individual we interact with. We treat everyone with the utmost respect, empathy, and understanding. We believe that by putting people first, we can establish meaningful connections, build trust, and foster long-lasting relationships.


We firmly believe that people are the driving force behind our mission. We are dedicated to empowering individuals, regardless of their background, by providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed. We recognize the inherent potential in each person and strive to unlock their capabilities, enabling them to take charge of their lives, make informed decisions, and achieve their goals.

We Build

By creating a foundational support network of experience and guidance to bring dreams & futures to fruition.

We Educate

And treasure creativity, collaboration, and we love to see innovative ideas nurtured into amazing realities.