Light Foundation what we do
Person Centred Programmes

We provide person centred, one-to-one mentoring support to all clients enrolled in any of our training programs.  Our mentoring and advisory sessions are tailored to meet individual needs and range in specialty with the chance to focus on careers, business development, and/or personal growth.

We have highly professional and experienced mentors, with many of them holding roles as business owners, directors, community leaders, or life coaches, who have hands-on experience, and are committed to our client’s development and growth.

Current Workshops

Share to Heal Program

Personal mentorship

This is available for both young people and adults, struggling with their mental well-being or career direction.

Discovering and Developing the Leader in Me

This focuses on developing Female Leadership Skills, open to women of all backgrounds, 18+. This opportunity centres on learning and discovering leadership skills from within, by understanding that leadership goes beyond the title while inspiring and empowering women to operate to their full potential within their careers, communities, and families.

Discovering Who You Are & Your Purpose

DWYYP is a self-help program designed to encourage clients especially those who have gone through different types of life traumas to go on a journey of discovering their identity, and purpose in life. You will also look at healing inwardly by coming face to face with self, confronting and overcoming setbacks that stop you from moving forward in life, fulfilling your dreams, and becoming everything that you have been created to become, living purpose-driven and happy life whilst on this earth.

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